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Bluff an independent film shot in Boston
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      Contact - Bluff Productions Corporation,
      Boston, Massachusetts.
      Jonathan M. Feigenbaum -- producer/writer

Bluff - A dark comedy with an underlying story of revenge. Running time 90 minutes.

Filmed in Kodak color, 35 mm, in the Boston area. Ready for theatrical release 2000. Featuring music by The Grateful Dead; Joe Hier; James Montgomery; Crispin Cioe and the Uptown Horns; Frankie Graham; Phil Pemberton and others.

Short Synopsis - An all night emotional roller coaster takes place when five prep school friends get together for their 24th annual poker game.

The five, LENNY, GEORGE, MALCOLM, CHARLES and DAN, come from all walks of life; blue collar urban backgrounds, Lenny and George, to backgrounds of various forms of wealth and prestige, Malcolm, Charles and Dan. The five have just turned forty, or are about to, and bring the baggage that accompanies such a turning point. Their careers range from a social worker to a United States Senator.

The five have a somewhat rocky history together. Over the years the poker games have become more volatile as old wounds, secrets and animosities have risen to the surface. The year before, while betting secrets, a silly game started when they were teenagers, Dan became so enraged that he took a baseball bat to Lenny’s bar, smashing tables, chairs and bottles and physically threatening the others.

This year there is a question as to whether Dan will appear. When he does, slowly but surely the tension and stress builds. The drinking only adds gasoline to the long simmering embers of hostility and anger as between the ribbing and joking they discuss their lives, unfulfilled dreams, politics, sex and religion.

George and Dan taunt each other throughout the night. By morning, they argue over the existence of God. When the Devil is called to the game it unleashes a string of events that will change their lives forever.

Can a poker game change your life?

Do they all make it out alive? Do their friendships and reputations survive? What game are they playing?

Log Line - "Can a poker game change your life? You bet!"

Produced by - Jonathan M. Feigenbaum; Tom Stack and Tim Birmingham in association with TJT Communications Corp.

Directed by - Bill Miller. An Emmy and Clio award winning director in his feature directorial debut.

Key Actors -

Lenny - Lenny Clarke.

George - Kenny Rogerson

Charles - George MacDonald

Dan - Doug Marsden

Malcolm - Stephen Benson


Screenplay by - Jonathan M. Feigenbaum and Tom Stack.


Director of Photograph - Edward Marcotti.


Production Designer - Arthur Wood.


Editor - Rich Moos


Music Composer - Joe Hier


Music Supervisor - James Montgomery


Acting Coach - Michael Alosso

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